Friday, August 9, 2013

Tim Holtz August Tag Challenge!

                     This one is for you Tim and Mario because of your love of Disney!

This Disney Tag is really just like the travel tag completed this monthly Tim! Because of course most of us have to travel to get there! And oh what fun it is! I love Disney World the best! What about you? Ok I will show you what I used and how I made it! Firstly the product used to create this Disney extraordinaire: 
Along with 
Close to my Heart stamp Treasures!Plus I used a digital stamp of Disney girl with balloons from, close to my hearts Treasures stamp for making a wish enjoy your journey for small train and railroad tracks, I used Rangers Mask and some of Scrapbook etc. ribbon honey run varnish and Los Angeles. 
First I positioned #12 Ranger  Tag at first wrong, so I had upside down and backwards girl holding balloons. I strongly recommend you not do this. So I just turned it over and printed with my inkjet RX1800 (love,love,love) onto tag. Plus I just want you to know my scrapbook room is off limits to my hubby otherwise he might turn me in for a cheaper model.  Tee hee.  Then I colored her in with amy new 49 Distress Markers see what I mean? So I really have to win this to show my hubby it's all worth it! Shhhhh! 
Ok here was the tricky part since StazOn ink would have been best on masks but had digital stamp haven't figured that one out yet! Anyway, very carefully cut out the mask of the girl and balloons 
separate. I really didn't have to do this because they just fell off anyway when I did the background! 
Lol. So I strongly recommend doing background first then positioning on printer the Correct way and  printing. Nope that wouldn't work either unless precut masks then positioned just soooo... Oh forget it just do it the way I did it first. :0) I had so much fun coloring! She is pretty with the denim skirt and ripe persimmons top lol but didn't really use faded denim for skirt used Salty Ocean. No really but it's denim. Am I confusing you yet if so join the club! 
The Background was so fun and I enjoyed using the pewter stain on the dandelion and the texture is smooth! Inkedthe edges with ripe persimmons and vintage photo. Then placed ribbon


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